Rockville Counseling Center, LLC
Dr. Dan Schwarz, PsyD
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Insurance and Payment

Rockville Counseling Center accepts cash, checks and credit cards (Discover, Master Card and Visa).  Flexible Benefits Debit Cards are also accepted.  

Rockville Counseling Center, LLC and Dr. Schwarz, PsyD accept the following insurance plans:

Blue Cross (Preferred Provider)
Blue Cross HMO
Blue Cross Federal Plan
InforMed (Adventist Healthcare)
Medicare (and most secondary insurance plans to Medicare including AARP)

Dr. Schwarz has also created individual agreements with insurance companies for Out of Network Providers.  If you have a different insurance company or plan - please contact Dr. Schwarz for more information.

For individuals or couples who wish to pay for services outside of their insurance plans, a detailed receipt can be created immediately for insurance or flexible spending reimbursement.